A new way of doing Rally

Would you like to gain more driving experience internationally? Then you cannot miss this perfect occasion to "taste" the real Scandinavian rally or the famous Italian rally on asphalt! Globalization took place in all areas of our lives, from university education to sportive competitions, through trade and business. There are many rally drivers who already choose to have an experience abroad, competing in foreign countries to try new ways of doing rallies and to test their limits and their skills in different contexts and on particular drivable surfaces. What we are driven to do stems from the belief that we can definitely become better drivers if we open our mind to new experiences without focusing on just the local rally. With great enthusiasm we have engaged ourselves 100% in this project of "international rally exchange" for now only in Europe. It is our primary goal to create some "scholarships” for drivers and co-drivers with the support and the sponsorship of the sport federations. The purpose is to assist and encourage talented young rally drivers as well as to spread the rally culture through this exchange program between Italian and Swedish crews in Sweden and in Italy. This project is really ambitious but it shows how much passion we have in rallying.

How we started

And "planetrally" born in 2004, our sports site, as well as the logo and “livery” of our team, to create a "rally twinship” Italy-Sweden. We got this idea to cast ourselves into social media to gain visibility in the world of rallies with the aim of establishing an exchange program for rally culture between Italy and Sweden. Our goal was to put in contact foreign rally drivers and co-drivers who can host and support each other during foreign travel. If you want to take part in a rally in Sweden or in Italy or simply test new special stages on snow and ice and are willing to reciprocate the hospitality you will receive, contact me! The season’s started and there are several Swedish and Italian teams ready to welcome you!

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A trip back in time

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"Racing is life; Anything before
or after is just waiting."

Steve Mcqueen