Micke Dahl was born in Stockholm, the Northern’s Venice, on the 17th april 1973.

Motors, speed and amusements have a very important role in Mikael’s life.

His crazy attitude shows from the beginnig, especially since he was driving like a maniac around Stockholm (attempting to terrorize the police) as delivery guy with his motorbike.

He was spending most of his summers working at his father’s floating petrol station, having fun around the Stockholm’s archipelago on his waterscooter and sailing on great boats.

In 1993 he made his debut in an Audi A Quattro which he completely demolish in 1994.

From 1996 to 1998 he has been driving sporadically an Opel Kadett that had more mechanical problems that one can imagine and the rally season hasn’t been satisfying at all.

In 1999 the opportunity to drive the Seat Cup on a yellow Seat Ibiza arrived and the final result was fourth overall in the championship. Not bad, all things considered with three spectacular rollovers in three consecutive races!

In 2000 he bought a Mitsubishi Evo III, group H and with that car he won the gold medal in the regional championship.

In 2002 he got the idea to borrow his father’s 1965 Porsche 911 to drive the entire European FIA Historic Championship. And, believe it or not, he won that championship too, with the same tenaciousness and determination which mark his personality. He ended up first overall and becomes European Champion in the European Historic Rally Trophy EM.

He loves extreme sports, he dislikes mundane social life and he doesn’t consider himself handsome.

He has been racing with the following cars: Audi Quattro gr. A, Opel Kadett GSI gr. H, Seat Ibiza Cupra gr. N, Mitsubishi Evo III gr. H and Porsche 911 gr. GTS 11.

Name: Mikael Erik Dahl.
Nickname: Pokemon boy.
Family: Serena and the beloved children Isabella and Sebastian as well as Virus, the jack Russell terrier.
Spoken languages: Swedish and English (only bad words in Italian).
Profession: Blasting technical director at Forcit.
Rally debut: 1993.
Motorclub: Teknis MC.
Interests (outside of rallying): motorcycles, waterscooters and everything that goes fast. “I’m attracted by whatever is “drivable”!"
Food: everything but loves italian delicacies.
Drinks: Italian beer.
Music: mixed.
My rally car: not for the moment.
Right now: totally engaged in the gokart club as marshal and training leader.
Private cars: Mercedes C class.
Favourite road surface: whatever…. His driving performances are great on every road surface….
Best result:many victories in the class and EM gold Historical rally 2002.
Favourite cars: Porsche 911.
Favourite motorbikes: Ducati Monster.
Best rally memory: Ceska Lipa 2002.
Worst rally memory: 1999 three rollovers in three races.
Projects/Targets: support with all the possible means the sportive development of my children with extra focus on motorsport.
Strongest quality as driver: he always dares to put the next gear….
Weakest point as driver: shouldn’t dare to put the next gear so often…..
Biggest defect: workaholic.
Best quality: honesty.
I hate: to do things against my will.
I love: to be independent, always.


Most in the class and a big part overall

Valne Trofen

Rally Offerdalingen – 6th overall

Rally di San Remo (It) - 1st

Vltava rally (Cz) - 2nd

Horácká rally (Cz) - 2nd

Rally delle Alpi Orientali (It) - 1st

Ceska Lipa (Cz) - 1st

Sumava rally (Cz) - 2nd

Rally Elba (It) - 1st

Rally V.A.R (Fr) - 1st

Rejme Rally - 2nd

National Cup - 3rd

LBC ruschen - 4th

Rejme knixen - 4th

Eurostop - 1st

Bilmetro Trophy - 1st

Rejme Rally - 2nd

Volvo Cup - 2nd

Rally of 1000 Lakes (Fi) - 5th

Vltava Rally (Cz) - 3rd

Gold Rally - 3rd

Hälsinge Rally - 1st

Gästrikland runt - 3rd

Munk Rounds - 3rd

Rally Offerdalingen - 1st

Faxe Rounds - 1st

Eurostop Rally - 1st

Rejme Rally - 3rd

Bh-Trophy - 2nd

ASG - 2nd

Mitsubishi Cup - 5th

Rally Vansbro - 1st

Kolsva Rounds - 2nd

Roslagsvalsen - 1st

Linde Cup - 1st

Rally Tennstånkan - 1st

Bilbolags Trophy - 1st

Bp-cup - 1:st

November Championship – 1:st

"Racing is life; Anything before
or after is just waiting."

Steve Mcqueen